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Amarachi Ruth Film & Publishing says welcome to you. Our goal is to solve the problems that plague us in the material realm, by delving into our spiritual nature—where the battle of life rages on our obsessions and inner struggles. This site does not believe the material can exist alone without the spiritual, and that only the spiritual world can sustain the material, or the material perishes. So we produce pictures—books that will reflect these values that guarantee freedom of mind and body. This site seeks the root cause of problems, beyond the shallow surface of money, greedy publishing, and picture making that characterizes our modern age.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New books: Demands of Discipleship: Vol. 1&2

Amarachi Film Production & Publishing has two new books published in November, 2009: The Demands Of Christian Discipleship In A Strong Materialistic Age. Why is this book needed?
The book is needed because without discipleship, the Church crumbles. Discipleship is the path way to growth and maturity without which the believer cannot glorify God.. The book is timely, relevant, and crucial in the turbulent time that we live in..

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Amarachi Ruth

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