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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Obama, Best & Last Before the Fall of American Empire

Once in a while, God sends someone on world’s stage to enhance human progress, but the masses will not have the wisdom and foresight to recognize, understand and embrace it. Charles Dickens, the great English Novelist, despised and feared the masses. He did not think they were intelligent. The masses of American audience are exhibiting the same ignorance Dickens predicted decades ago. When a great leader with great vision appears on the scene, he is either stoned or murdered or assassinated because the masses cannot comprehend the genius of such men or women; either they are envious or afraid of such individuals.

Here is a President who assumed office under 1.2 trillion deficit, unemployment very high at 700,000 a month, Wall Street and top American banks and Companies in financial shambles; American jobs and Companies shipped Overseas, and America completely despised by the world. Under 20 months, President Obama has rescued America from the ditch they plunged into for 8 years and straightened them again to compete in the global economy and High tech world of 21st century, and is still aggressively working hard to get Americans back on their feet job-wise.

Under 20 months, President Obama has done the following

  • Changed the horrible image of America abroad
  • Bailed out Wall Street and top American companies from collapsing into worse depression ever known in history; which economists predicted if not will deepen the financial crises which he inherited.
  • Passed Healthcare bill many preceding Presidents for decades have tried to implement and help Americans and the poor: 31 million included and 250 got cheaper coverage who already have it.
  • Equal Pay Act for women
  • Hate Crime Legislation passed
  • Dramatically increased investment in renewable energy
  • Ending the war in Iraq
  • Pushing aggressively for Middle East Peace
  • Curbing Nuclear bombs in the world
  • By partisan support of Afghanistan in Congress
  • Enacted anti smoking law the country has ever seen.
  • Tax credit for college education-2,500 dollars per student, and he is still pushing to make it permanent.
  • He is revamping the failed education system in crisis in our nation, which many preceding Presidents would have loved to inherit as champions..
  • Wall Street Financial reform bill passed
  • Small Business Job Act 2010 – employers who offer healthcare get tax cuts; also small business tax cuts and lending.
  • Changed secrecy of White House to open transparency
  • Ethics regulation and transparency guidelines in history
  • Ended ban on same cell research
  • Ended DEA raids on medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Liberal first Hispanic woman confirmed and elected in Supreme Court
  • Signed a bill to improve Hispanic children’s educational opportunities

What is the result of these huge and historical achievements? He is levied with all kinds of insults, and has been called all kinds of names: gangster government, anti business, dumb, unintelligent, liar, socialist, Hitler, racist, etc. He is the epitome of ridicule and caricature; he is vehemently despised. President Obama is suppose to change a horrible situation of epic proportion that took 8 years in making and turn it over in 20 months as a super man. You wonder where these Obama critics were during the last regime. They must have been hibernating these eight years and suddenly warned up for their scurrilous and acrimonious attacks on the new government. Why did these Obama critics keep silent these years? They would have saved us enormous problems. Now someone is restoring and repairing their grave damage; instead of gratitude, it is all accusation as if the President was the culprit. They have not been a grain of appreciation or gratitude of anything President Obama has done since he came into the office; and no other President has done so much in a little while in office. Is this envy or fear? Does it mean people hate intelligent men and women in office? They have not been such hatred for the office of the Presidency ever seen in the history of this nation.

President Obama has achieved immense and huge success more than any other President under two years in office, and nobody else has the intelligence, capability and understanding, to move this nation to a global high-tech future which is causing the loss of jobs, and he is preparing the nation to that new world of technology which he relishes, and we saw it in his historic campaigns which was the envy of the world. He is desperately helping Americans to see his vision that will help them compete in a global world economy, education and otherwise, that has become extremely competitive, especially with America’s children by creating the educational environment that will allow them remain the best in the world.

Nobody within the American audience seems to understand the great genius that has stepped into the scene. When he became the President, United States was passionately despised in the world. He was the one who restored America’s image abroad. He is gentle, kind, cool under pressure, rational, intelligent, eloquent and loves this nation so much. Who can withstand the great ridicule that has been lavished on him, and yet he keeps forgiving his enemies. The Health care that is been rejected, he stooped so low to compromise with the Republicans until he angered his base. It is his desire for peace and the need to work together with the Republicans. It is that strong desire to compromise and get things done for the American people. Despite the low unemployment rate in the nation, polls on his personality trait remain high. He wants to help black, white, yellow, red-whoever you are that needs help. If America is wise, leave him alone to implement progress back to America before the fall of the Empire.

President Obama will be the best and the last before the fall of the Empire. This is because America has shown signs that have befallen the fall of previous eroded World Empires. Who knows may be God will use Obama to revive America to a greater glory. It is a choice America must make as they go to the poll and think of the next two years and the future of this great nation.


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